Atlanta, Georgia Travel Guide

Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and it is at the center of a sprawling metropolitan area. It is home to over 5 million people and it is sometimes referred to as a city in the forest. Here are the top must see attractions in Atlanta.

History Center

Learn about Atlanta’s past from its beginning as a railway terminal to the Civil War. You will find one of the largest civil war memorabilia collections in the US here. There are also some exhibits that focus on the human cost of the civil war.


Centennial Olympic Games Center

The city came alive again when the Olympic Games was hosted by Atlanta in 1996. The city was gussied up and presented to the world with every passing season, Atlanta gets more graceful.

CNN Center

Atlanta is a dynamic center of investment and innovation. One of its leading corporations is a major tourist attraction. Take a guided tour to CNN’s global headquarters. This is the TV network that pioneered 24 hour news.

World of Coca Cola

Here you can learn some of the secrets behind this homegrown product. Travel through the 125 year history and along the bottling line of the company that produces more than 1 billion gallons of cola every year.

Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium contains 10 million gallons of water and it is one of the largest aquarium in the world. It features 6 exhibits including cold water displays which features beluga whales and touch tanks which features starfish and Ray crabs. The biggest attraction in this aquarium is the ocean voyager where you can swim with whale sharks.

Fox Theater

Step into the Fox Theater if you want a taste of the 1920s indulgence. The ceiling of the Fox Theater features a ceiling embedded with stars like a vision from Arabian Nights. Atlanta is an art loving community and one of the greatest stories gone with the wind was written here. You can visit the apartment where Margaret Mitchell, the renowned novelist once lived.

Martin Luther King Junior Historic Site

This historic site celebrates the journey of one of the most inspiring men in history. You can visit his birthplace, the Baptist church he used to preach, and the museum specially dedicated to his achievements.

Stone Mountain Park

Head to Stone Mountain Park for the best views of Atlanta. You can take the train for a scenic view of the largest granite monolith in the world. For a spectacular view of the city, go to the summit in the sky ride cable car.


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