Bolivia Travel Guide

Bolivia is a developing country in the heart of South America. Fly to La Paz, its administrative capital to explore this unpolished diamond. La Paz sits on the Bolivian Plateau, at an altitude of about 12,000 feet. Although Bolivia is poor, it had a wealth of natural treasures. These riches shine through the country’s high altiplanos, tropical lowlands, mountains of silver, extraordinary islands, and infinite salt deserts.

La Paz is the tourism capital of Bolivia and like Bolivia, it may be rough around the edges but it sparkles inside. Look beyond this city’s lifestyle, cuisine, and architecture to find real jewels from the 16th-century colonial mansions to modern buildings. Despite all the destruction caused by the Spanish colonial masters, they polished and shaped many Bolivian cities. Some buildings they erected upon founding La Paz include the Presidential Palace and the National Congress. As devoted Catholics, the Spanish also built the Metropolitan Cathedral which was dedicated to the Lady of Peace.

Although the 21st-century comforts have slowly trickled in, Bolivia is still a country of unbreakable traditions. Many locals embrace their Inca, Aymara, and Quechua heritage and their women still wear highlands colorful clothing.

The Plaza San Francisco is a convenient meeting point in the heart of this city where you can mingle with the locals. Its 18th-century basilica is home to an art museum with a collection of historic paintings. At the Museo Nacional de Arte is housed in a Spanish colonial mansion and you will see artworks by modern artists here.

For a different kind of cultural experience, visit the Witches’ Market to marvel at the potent herbal remedies, carved amulets, and mummified llamas.

See how La Paz outer suburbs spill out in the valley and cling to the steep mountainsides of Laikacata. Here you will get to catch a glimpse of the rugged peaks of the surrounding valley calling on you to explore some of Bolivia’s natural gems.

The Tiwanaku Cultural Heritage Site is another La Paz hidden treasure. This historic cultural site dates back to some 2,500 years. In the nearby Lake Titicaca, Bolivia really sparkles. By bus, Titicaca is half a day from La Paz. It is one of the highest navigable lakes in the world. This jewel is well worth exploring, and it straddles the Peruvian border. With its breathtaking islands, the icy cold lake is home to one of the oldest surviving cultures in the world: the Uru people. Many Uros still live on the floating islands and have survived in the extreme climate. Watch them as they enjoy life’s simple pleasures or treat yourself to one of their handicrafts.

Flying south to Salar de Uyuni makes it more obvious that Bolivia is a diamond in the rough. You will come across glistening salt lakes and boiling hot springs as you skim over its surface in a four-wheel drive. Stay in a hotel made almost of salt for a unique experience.

Whether you engage in thrilling outdoor adventures or you visit its heritage cities, you will definitely be rewarded with beautiful memories.


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Bergen, Norway Travel Guide

Picturesque Bergen is an enchanting city with a fascinating history and a spectacular setting. Norway’s second largest city is a lovely place to explore. Apart from being a UNESCO World Heritage City, it filled with culture and history and it is surrounded by nature. With its friendly residents and colorful houses, this city offers you the feel of a small town.

Mount Florin

If you are visiting Bergen for the first time then a trip to the top of Mount Florin is a must up here. You will enjoy excellent views of central Bergen and the surrounding fjords. You will also see that Bergen is a city surrounded by mountains. Back down at street level, you will find Bergen has a unique blend of architecture a mix of old and new. Many of the buildings are full of character and color such as the wooden houses in the Bergen area – a popular area for tourists.

Take a Guided Walking Tour

Bergen is home to a variety of museums, restaurants, and shops. Its maze of lanes and alleyways make for a pleasant stroll. One of the best ways to explore Bergen is on a guided walking tour that way you will hear all about the cultural importance of this world heritage site. If you can’t decide how to spend your time in Bergen remember that the excursions are designed to help you make the most of your day.

Gamle Bergen

Located near the center of the city, this outdoor museum features 40 houses and it depicts life during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Gamle Bergen is the perfect place to go if you are looking for an informative and interesting tour.

Milde Arboretum and Botanical Garden

This occupies about 125 acres of land and it is home to thousands of shrubs, flowers, plants, and trees. Between May and August is the best time to visit this place because the rhododendrons and everything else blossoms at this time. Admission to this place is free.

Rosenkrankz Tower

This tower dates back to the medieval time and has both served as a fortified tower and a residence. It offers visitors a glance at life of the past and beautiful views of the sea.

Whether you want to see all the sights of Bergen with a guide or do something a little different, there is bound to be an excursion to suit you. And with many tours lasting half a day, you will be left with plenty of time to explore Bergen under your own steam. Whatever you choose to do, we hope you have a memorable day in charming Bergen.


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Atlanta, Georgia Travel Guide

Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and it is at the center of a sprawling metropolitan area. It is home to over 5 million people and it is sometimes referred to as a city in the forest. Here are the top must see attractions in Atlanta.

History Center

Learn about Atlanta’s past from its beginning as a railway terminal to the Civil War. You will find one of the largest civil war memorabilia collections in the US here. There are also some exhibits that focus on the human cost of the civil war.


Centennial Olympic Games Center

The city came alive again when the Olympic Games was hosted by Atlanta in 1996. The city was gussied up and presented to the world with every passing season, Atlanta gets more graceful.

CNN Center

Atlanta is a dynamic center of investment and innovation. One of its leading corporations is a major tourist attraction. Take a guided tour to CNN’s global headquarters. This is the TV network that pioneered 24 hour news.

World of Coca Cola

Here you can learn some of the secrets behind this homegrown product. Travel through the 125 year history and along the bottling line of the company that produces more than 1 billion gallons of cola every year.

Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium contains 10 million gallons of water and it is one of the largest aquarium in the world. It features 6 exhibits including cold water displays which features beluga whales and touch tanks which features starfish and Ray crabs. The biggest attraction in this aquarium is the ocean voyager where you can swim with whale sharks.

Fox Theater

Step into the Fox Theater if you want a taste of the 1920s indulgence. The ceiling of the Fox Theater features a ceiling embedded with stars like a vision from Arabian Nights. Atlanta is an art loving community and one of the greatest stories gone with the wind was written here. You can visit the apartment where Margaret Mitchell, the renowned novelist once lived.

Martin Luther King Junior Historic Site

This historic site celebrates the journey of one of the most inspiring men in history. You can visit his birthplace, the Baptist church he used to preach, and the museum specially dedicated to his achievements.

Stone Mountain Park

Head to Stone Mountain Park for the best views of Atlanta. You can take the train for a scenic view of the largest granite monolith in the world. For a spectacular view of the city, go to the summit in the sky ride cable car.


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3 Best Places to See the Southern Lights

Although Northern lights are already difficult to see, you have to really double your effort if you want to chase the Southern Lights. One of the main reasons why Aurora Australis is not as popular as its counterpart, the Aurora Borealis, is not because it’s less awesome, in fact these two phenomenon are really spectacular and breathtaking, however because Southern Lights are only seen in the Southern-most hemisphere where lands are not aplenty, finding a good place to see it makes the chase more difficult. But fear not, because there are still awesome places where you can camp out and see these beautiful dancing lights, read through our top 3 best places to chase the Southern Lights.


Off the southern part of New Zealand lies Stewart Island, the place that you can balance the chances of seeing the Southern Lights without sacrificing accommodations and transportation to the island. A ferry ride or a plane trip to this island is easy to book and hassle-free that is why most aurora chasers camp here.  They have a vast national park called Rakiura National Park and is away from the light pollution giving you better chances of seeing the cosmic light show. In fact, the name translates to “the land of the glowing skies” from a Maori language.


No harsh environment can stop people from visiting this southernmost island in the middle of the Antarctic Seas, because it is another recommended and more livable place to see this dazzling light display. Unlike the Aurora Borealis, where blue and green are the most common colors, the Aurora Australis, however, has a wider color spectrum because aside from the regular colors, you will also see pink, purple and orange. During better weather, about 2000 people live in the island and necessities will be available, you may want to schedule your visit March and September.


Nothing would be more breathtaking and more colorful than witnessing the light display in the southern end of the world. The barren but beautiful snow caps, gigantic glaciers and wadding penguins can level up the Southern Lights experience. The vast snow-laden land would seem otherworldy and “otherworldly” is a perfect match to this spectacular neon lights display in the sky. However beautiful the lights here would be, visiting Antartica is close to impossible due to bad weather, harsh sea conditions and few and expensive transportation options.